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On-Site Cleanups

Metro Group, Inc can help you cleanup your farm or warehouse.  Our On-Site Cleanup professionals can come in, cleanup your site and haul the metal away for you.  Leaving you more time to get your work done.  We typically pay for the metals we pick-up/haul off. Pricing depends on tonnage, preparations need to remove from the site, freight, non-metallic attachments and labor costs.


Specializing in: farm cleanups, warehouse/barns cleanups and demo, old equipment clean ups, silo and tank demolition, vehicle removal, Landfill or transfer station metal clean ups,  Miscellaneous  metal demo or tear downs

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Scrap Metal Containers

Available equipment: Mobile Steel Balers, Loaders, Excavators, Semi trucks and various trailers including flatbed, sided trailers, end-dump trailers. SEE MORE CONTAINERS>>

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